Based in Norwich, I am able to design and deliver flowers, balloons and combination designs to give your birthday celebration that ‘WOW!’ factor. We will work together to understand your brief and budget, and I will then deliver your chosen items on the special day. 

Birthday party balloon designs

Choosing balloons for a party is very different to balloons you would give as a gift, as not only will they look super fun but they can also do a bit of work for you! For example, if there is a doorway you want guests to go through, why not have an arch, two columns or two balloon bouquets each side to guide people through. Or you might want to make it obvious where a particular area is, such as the buffet table, so adding balloons here will help people to notice it. 

Number Stacks

These air filled displays incorporating jumbo foil numbers combined with a mix of latex balloons create a real impact and last really well too! With a selection of colours available, these can be customised to suit the recipient’s preferences and can be upgraded to include some personalisation too!

Bubble balloons

These balloons are hugely popular, and come with a range of prints around the outside (filigree, foliage, confetti in pinks, blues or golds and roses with butterflies). You can choose the colour theme you like for the mini balloons inside, and also the wording you would like to create a beautifully thoughtful gift!

Personalised balloons

As well as the bubble balloons, there are other options for personalised balloons too! You can choose from a photo balloon, or a foil balloon personalised with either vinyl or sparkly glitter writing.

Flowers as gift arrangements

A beautiful bouquet of flowers makes a really thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries or as a get well gesture. If unwrapping the flowers and putting them in a vase is likely to be difficult for the recipient then an arrangement of flowers in a basket is the perfect alternative as they will just need watering regularly. You will also be able to include a personalised message so the recipient knows who they are from! If you already have a bottle to give as a gift, how about the bottle clip arrangements which are supplied ready for you to clip onto your bottle.

Would you like me to create a bespoke floral and / or balloon design as a birthday present or for a special birthday party?

For more information or to request a quote, please call 07591 524348 or use my contact page.

About Claire Carney Floral & Balloon Designs

Claire Carney is an independent florist, Certified Balloon Artist and NABAS Approved Instructor based near Norwich, Norfolk, UK, who specialises in creating, delivering and installing bespoke designs all over Norfolk and North Suffolk.