So, you’re planning a special event and have arranged your venue, catering and invites but how do you bring the party alive? Not only can balloons add a celebratory feel to any occasion, they can also help guide your guests to the key areas where they need to be! No matter how big or small your budget, make your balloon décor work for you with décor that has big impact AND tells your guests exactly where the celebrations will be happening! Read on to learn more about the three key areas you should focus your attention and budget on!

There are three main areas worth highlighting with décor;

Create a show stopping entrance with balloon decor!

This gets your guests attention the quickest, saying “come on in, this is where the fun begins!” Consider using an arch over a doorway, or either 2 columns or 2 floor standing arrangements set each side of the entrance. For larger spaces, create a statement walkway with balloon swags either side of where your guests will walk, or alternatively create a tunnel effect using a series of linked arches, with some sparkly lighting added for that extra special touch!

Use classic designs to highlight the main area of activity

Pearl arches (left), cloud nines linked with tulle (right) or words made from jumbo foil letters are really effective at showing guests that this is where their attention will need to be for key parts of the event. This also gives people a chance to choose a suitable seat (if appropriate) depending on how close to the action they need / want to be!

Really get the party started on the dancefloor!

Balloons will firmly establish this as an important area, and can encourage people up to dance and celebrate! Great dance floor décor includes columns, canopies, exploding balloons or dancing characters.

You can increase the atmosphere in the room even more by using neon balloons, twinkle ribbon lighting or 3ft helium filled balloons, which can be lit in a choice of colours, depending on your theme and the mood you want to create.

As well as the three key areas, you may want to consider décor for your guest tables, and a cake table or gift table if you have them. The cake and gift table should be decorated in the same style as the rest of your theme but on a slightly smaller scale. If you have a room (such as a bar) which is separate to the main function room, adding décor can guide your guests towards it.

The venue itself should help guide your choices of décor. For example, if there are high ceilings or there are large areas of open space you should opt for bold, high impact décor to make a statement, but in more intimate locations, something more compact will look more in proportion.

Ask a balloon professional for advice on suitable décor for your specific event and venue, to make it a party to remember and ensure your guests experience the WOW factor that balloons can create!

Claire Carney is an independent florist, a Certified Balloon Artist and a NABAS Approved Balloon Decor Instructor based near Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

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